Sun, May 19, 2024

  “If we have a log big enough for your needs, we can probably make it.”  Many of the products from a sawmill are rough sawn and full dimension. Many historical restoration project needs can be met at a sawmill, as this is where the original lumber came from many years ago. No, sawmills will not be able to supply you with chestnut or perhaps some other local species no longer available, but rather, perhaps another species that is available and is an acceptable replacement. Here, in central Connecticut, we have an abundance of good red oak, white pine and hemlock. 90% of what is sawn at Moore’s Sawmill comes from these three species.

We can provide but are not necessarily limited to:

4/4 air dried pine boards used as exterior rough sawn siding, paneling and other construction projects.

4/4 oak boards commonly used for horse fencing, horse stalls and other jobs where durability is needed.

8/4 oak planking used on truck and trailer decking, truck sideboards, loading ramps, etc.

Timbers custom made for new construction or restoration work.

Native kiln dried lumber including 4/4 & 8/4 kiln dried red oak; 4/4 & 4/8 kiln dried white pine; and limited quantities of cherry, ash and maple.

Custom made random width plank flooring is available in nearly all the above species, including southern yellow pine and yellow poplar (tulip). Please call for price quotes and availability.

Additional items include:

Channel rustic, shiplap, novelty siding and tongue and groove patterns are available
Figured maple
Limited amount of white oak for boat stock
Mailbox posts
Solid plank mantels made of pine or oak
Tapered truck sideboards
Timbers cut to size to fit your needs
Trees stakes, tomato stakes and snow stakes
Thresholds made to order

This is a sampling of what is available from the sawmill. Come and visit our plant. We look forward to serving you.

Feel free to call for a quote or send an email for information.